Warranty on garage door operators include all parts and labor during normal business hours Monday - Friday 8am to 5 PM

For emergency repairs anytime after 5pm Monday - Friday or Saturday or Sunday you pay the difference of a standard service to the emergency service call. All parts if emergency service or not are still covered under the factory warranty.

If during your warranty period the machine you have is discontinued. Were we could no longer guarantee your machine by supplying parts in a repair. You may purchase a new machine from us at our standard rates and the balance of your warranty will be transferred to your new unite. This warranty will be added on to the new warranty we give on new machines. At no time are unused warranties converted back to cash.

Not covered under warranty

Damage due to water, fire, theft, vandalism and improper service or lack of service. It is your responsibility to lubricate and oil all moving parts to factory standards if you don't know what they are please call us or the manufacturer of your machine.

All extended warrantees are to be sold in the field at time of inspection and service or upon new installations only. A person wanting to buy a warranty after installation or repair must then wait for their next repair and evaluation or pay for a service call.